07 Jan

“Know, O Christian soul, that the graces which may be obtained through the Devotion of the Heavenly Court, are not granted in order that thou mayest build thereon presumptuously and sin more freely, but rather to the intent that thou mayest bestir thyself so to live as to be worthy of such great graces.
And in the first place, every Christian is bound to use the most necessary means of salvation provided by the Catholic Church, such as the holy Sacraments, without which no form of devotion is pleasing to the Holy Ghost. And therefore only after due reception of these is this prayer to be offered, that we may obtain richer gifts of grace, may contemplate the most holy life of Jesus, and likewise may avert the divine punishment we have so well deserved. And moreover, it will be best for us to leave the whole result of the prayer to the mercy of God. He will best know how to grant our prayer and will give to us, His children, what we most need at the right time.
Even were this Prayer not especially revealed, yet it could not be used without the greatest profit, nor without its being highly pleasing to God. For by it all the holy life and death of our dearest Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and each and every year of His earthly existence, are most particularly honoured and brought home to the heart. Now, in the opinion of all holy teachers, more especially of St Bernard, the very least and shortest meditation on the life, sufferings and death of Jesus Christ, is incomparably greater than all other meditations and good works, whatsoever. For in His most holy life, they say unanimously, all our salvation and all our blessedness is to be found.
Mayest thou too, O Christian soul, by devout meditation on the Prayer of the Heavenly Court, gain for thyself and others the grace of entrance to the eternal Court of Heaven, and also appease the just anger of God and turn it aside from poor humanity.”
– Fr Johann Ludwig a Musis



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