12 Jan

(After making the solemn Act of Consecration (see previous posts), St Louis de Montfort definitizes that we are henceforth to work and serve as never before, whilst living with Mary, in Mary, through Mary and for Mary to glorify her Divine Son Jesus.)


Does working for Mary imply acting for her rather than for the Lord, pleasing her and ignoring Him? God forbid!
Mary’s will is completely united to the Will of God. We cannot please her without pleasing Him; we cannot please Him without pleasing her.
The ultimate and final reason for doing all that we do must be to please God, and to unite ourselves to Him. Vast and incomprehensible as is her dignity, the glory of the All is infinitely greater.


“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment.
And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Matt 22:37-39)
These are two Commandments, yet in a sense they are one. The first obliges us to love God for His own sake. The second commands us to love our neighbour. But why? On account of his intrinsic worth, totally unrelated to God? Not at all. All that is lovable in man is so simply because it is a reflection of the Divine Excellence. In one case it is God we love in Himself; in the second it is really God we love too, but in His image.

Sometimes it is hard for us to realize that certain individuals are made to the image and likeness of God, so hidden is that likeness under a fearful mask of depravity and corruption. But there is no excuse for our not loving with all the power of our soul, His image as revealed in Our Lady. Always excepting the human nature of her Son, hypostatically united to the Divinity, she is the most glorious masterpiece that has ever proceeded from the hand of God. She is the Mirror of Justice that reflects with dazzling brilliance the Divine Splendour. If we love God we must love Mary, love her as we love no one below her, for her likeness to Him will forever exceed our powers of comprehension. If we love Mary, we must love God, for everything in her that is lovable, as is the case with all the rest of us, is so simply because it reflects the splendour of the Lord, only she is ineffably more perfect a mirror than we are.

It is difficult indeed to love God in His image when that likeness is befouled and besmirched, dim and almost unrecognizable.

By our obedience in doing our best, we perform a great act of love for God. But we simply cannot love one who mirrors only a few of His perfections, and then but poorly, as much as we can one who reflects His glories in uncounted number, and to unspeakable perfection. We cannot love what is not there. By loving Mary as we should love her, we love God in His image as far as it is possible for us to do so.

To do all that we do for God and for Mary, in other words, for Him in Himself and in His image – that is the perfect observance of the First and the Second Great Commandments, and they comprise all the Law and all the Prophets.
– Fr N. A. Norman


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