21 Jan

(Say this prayer for nine consecutive days and do nine works of mercy; give alms, small or big acts of selfless help or prayer for others, etc.)

Maria Rosa Mystica – Mary Mystical Rose – Immaculate Conception – Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ – Mother of Grace – Mother of the Mystical Body of the Church, help me.

You came down on earth to call upon us children of this earth to love each other, to unite; and to live in peace. You request from us to be involved in charity, prayer, and penance. We thank God from the bottom of our hearts that He has given you to us as Our Mother and Mediatrix in all our needs. Mary, full of grace, please help me, I beseech you, and grant me my special intention:
(mention your request).
You promised us your motherly protection, full of graces: “I want always to be very close to you for your motherly love.”

Rosa Mystica, Immaculata, Mater Dolorosa, please show me that you are my Mother, Bride of the Holy Ghost, and Queen of Heaven and earth.


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