28 Jan

(To be said for nine consecutive days or nine consecutive hours)

O Jesus, who said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you”, through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. (Mention your request).

O Jesus, who said, “All that you ask of the Father in My Name He will grant you”, through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted. (Mention your request.)

O Jesus, who said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass”, through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (Mention your request).

About the year 1628, the Discalced Carmelite Fathers of Prague received from Princess Polixena the statue of the Child Jesus which was to become world-famous. The princess presented the statue to the priests with the prophetic words: “I give you what I prize most highly in the world. As long as you venerate this image, you shall not want”. Her gift, which had been a wedding gift from her mother, was placed in the Carmelite oratory. As long as the Carmelites kept up their devotion to the Divine Infant of Prague, everything prospered with them. Three years later, the city of Prague was sacked by enemies of the Faith. The Carmelites were later forced to flee from the city, and in the confusion of the war they were unable to take with them their miraculous statue. The invaders seized it and threw it into a pile of rubbish.

In 1635, peace came to Prague and the Carmelites returned. One of them, Father Cyril, who had previously received great spiritual help through his devotion to the infant of Prague, sought the statue and found it amidst the rubbish. Overjoyed, he placed the statue again in the oratory. As Father Cyril was one day praying devotedly before the statue, he heard a voice saying: “Have mercy on me and I will have mercy on you. Return my hands to me and I shall give you peace, the more you honour me, the more I shall bless you”. Startled by these words Father Cyril examined the statue and upon drawing aside the mantle covering it, he found that both hands of the statue were broken off. The hands were then restored through the generosity of a devotee of the Divine Child, and once more peace and prosperity returned to the Carmelites.

Devotion to the Divine Child had always been practised by the Carmelites for through their Mother, Mary, this Divine Child had come to the world. St Theresa of Jesus practised particular devotion to the Divine Child. St Therese, the Little Flower, was also a most fervent venerator.


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