30 Jan

O Jesus,
You are true Man.
You took upon Yourself a human body and soul,
You thought with a human mind,
and You acted through a human Will.
But You are far above every other human.
No one ever spoke like You,
with such authority, freedom and gentleness,
indicating the paths of love, justice and sincerity,
and no one ever matched Your teachings.
You spoke about the Mystery of God
in a way so elevated above others
that You make it possible for us
to have a sublime experience of God,
to come to know Him
and achieve a living love for Him.
O Jesus,
no one ever acted like You, either.
You left us an example of the perfect human life:
by Your preference for poverty,
by Your love for the poor and the sick,
by Your concern for the suffering,
by Your liberating message of salvation,
by Your espousal of peace and service,
by Your obedience to the Father –
even to the death of the Cross.
O Jesus,
help us to know You more
so that we may know ourselves more.
Help us to live with You
so that we may live fully human lives.
Satisfy our human hunger with Yourself,
who are the Man for others and for God,
the Man with others and with God,
perfect Love,
the Man-who-is-Love,
and the God-who-is-Love.


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