04 Feb

Abortion is an unspeakable crime against God and innocent human life. – Would you spiritually adopt one baby in the womb in danger of abortion? Just pray that the life of the little one, whom you spiritually and mentally adopt, may be continued to birth and beyond his/her birth, so that this child may have his/her God given right to life, and come to know, love and serve God on earth, and then be happy with Him forever in Heaven. This spiritual, mental adoption is simply a personal resolution to pray daily, at least once for a year, for a particular child in the womb in danger of deliberate abortion.
The following prayer is suggested:

“Jesus, my Lord, through the intercession of Mary, your Mother, who bore You so lovingly, and of St Joseph, strong man of faith, who protected You both, I pray to You for the life of the unborn child who is in danger of abortion, the one I have spiritually adopted. Please give to the parents of this particular child the grace and courage to bring him/her to the life you have destined for him/her. Amen.”

During your earthly life this spiritually adopted child will be known to God. But, in eternal life, you will find a surprised happiness in each other’s company.


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