28 Mar

O Mary, holy and immaculate Virgin Mother of God!
Thou art the most merciful and most loving mother of my Lord: Thou art most glorious and exalted above the stars of heaven, for thou alone, without any equal, hast found favour with Christ, and, coming to the aid of a fallen world, hast brought to it salvation.
Unspotted ans most worthy Virgin of Virgins; most powerful of all creatures; Lady exalted above all women; to you nothing is too difficult to obtain from God: come to my aid who am a wretched sinner, full of sins and a man of many iniquities.
O thou who didst bring forth the Lamb that taketh away the sins of the world, come, I beseech thee, to mine aid, unworthy and sinful though I am. I acknowledge my iniquity, I know my offences, I confess my sins, I proclaim my unworthiness, I see my soul stained with all pollution. But, O Virgin Mary, who art incomparable in thy love, do thou by thy holy prayers soften and turn aside the just wrath of the Lord my God.

O holy Mother of Christ, extend thy help to those who in sorrow fly to thee for aid; assist and cherish all who trust in thee; pray for thy clients in this world; plead on behalf of the clergy, intercede for monks, entreat for women, O Mary, Mother of God.

O holy and unspotted Virgin Mary, the solace and life of the faithful: from thee the Author of our salvation willed to take flesh; with deep-drawn sighs I beg thy help and plead for thy devoted intervention with thy own Son on my behalf.
I am but a wretched and ungrateful sinner, but through thee, whatsoever is amiss in my life, or hurtful to my soul’s health, may He blot out and correct; whatever is useful and profitable, may He plant and strengthen.
Let not the cunning enemy of the human race rejoice at my ruin, but, driven away by thy help, let him bewail his lot.
May thy perpetual intercession so obtain for me the grace of Christ, that I may keep my soul unspotted, humble and gentle, and strengthened by the noble gifts of faith, hope, and charity; I may so obey all Christ’s commands, that when my last day shall come, I may deserve to be admitted into the number of thy clients among the blessed spirits in heaven, if thou intercede for me, who art the sweet Queen of heaven and earth, and grace comes from thy Son, who, with the coeternal Father and Holy Spirit, lives and reigns one God Almighty, for endless ages.


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