31 Mar

The priest Dolindo Ruotolo was born in Naples, Italy, on 6 October 1882 and died there on 19 November 1970 in the odour of sanctity.

His life was a drama of love for God and of suffering lived entirely in the shadow of the cross.

He was a miracle of apostolic works which consumed his strength in charity up to his last day on earth.

The spirit of penance and profound humility rendered his soul transparent to the point of concentrating all of the light of the Lord, which was shed on souls like the sun through a clear crystal…

He wrote a commentary on the entire Old and New Testament, 33 volumes constituting a massive and solid structure, requested by priests and laity from every part of the world. He wrote pages and pages of ascetic and mystical theology.

They called him a genius; he felt himself to be a “nothing” in the hands of God. Others didn’t understand him; he responded by loving them, as only the saints know how to love.

His complete love for God and Our Lady, his fidelity to the Church, which he lived as martyrdom, were distilled in an immense love for souls for whom his prayers and sacrifices knew no limits. Even in the last years of his life (paralysis brought him to physical disintegration in ten years), even to his last days he never denied his spiritual help to souls.

How many times he was already in bed, exhausted by illnesses and overcome by weariness…but if someone knocked at his door in the late evening to seek his help, he never allowed him to be send away, but received him in any case! How many times had he just seated himself at his poor family table to eat his meagre and penitential fare and they knocked at the door to speak with him. Immediately he rose from the table; there was a soul who was asking for help and one couldn’t let him wait.

The poor meal was skipped…

“Fear God and trust him with firm confidence.” (Don Dolindo Ruotolo)


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