15 Jul


Ann Wang, a Catholic maiden of Wei County, China (Hebei Province), lost her mother at the age of four. Ann was very fervent, intently studying the Catechism and continually devoting herself to pious exercises.

At an early age she resolved to consecrate her virginity to God and dedicated her life to the service of the Church.

Ann’s family, however, against her will, arranged a marriage for her.

But as Ann was taken to the wedding, she escaped and fled back to her own home.

In 1900 the Chinese quasi-religious faction known as the “Boxers” began a bloody persecution against Christians in China.

Ann, now fourteen, was among a group of Catholic women who, as the Boxers approached, took shelter in a school. It was Ann who led the women in prayer and by her words of encouragement helped them to persevere in their faith.

On 21st July 1900, the Boxers captured Ann and several other Catholics.

One of their number, (Saint) Joseph Wang Yumei, was slain before their eyes. On 22nd July, Ann and the others were beheaded and thrown into a pit. When eighteen months later their bodies were exhumed, they were found to be incorrupt.

“Grace, mercy, and peace be with us from God the Father and from Jesus Christ the Father’s Son in truth and love.”


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