30 Oct

On 13th October 2012 a Beatification Mass took place to give the Church its newest Blesseds. Fourteen Franciscan priests were beatified four centuries after they were tortured to death by Protestant forces in a Catholic monastery in the now Czech Republic.

The Franciscan priests, mostly from France, Netherlands, Germany and Italy, were sent by their Order to Protestant-ruled Prague in 1604 to learn the Czech language and rebuild Our Lady of Snows monastery, which had been destroyed in earlier religious wars.

When an upheaval took place in the city in 1611, some residents of the city accused the Franciscan priests of collaborating with the Catholic forces. These residents went to the monastery, where they tortured and murdered the priests. Pope Benedict said that these Franciscan priests had been killed because of their Faith and that they are the first to be declared Blessed during this Year of Faith.


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