23 Jan

At Confirmation, I was signed with holy Chrism, O Jesus, I girded myself with a mystical sword and solemnly said: I will do combat for Your glory!

It was a solemn day for me: the Bishop, vested with the holy stole, invoked the Holy Spirit upon me; he extended his hands over my head to proclaim the dominion of God over me, he anointed me with oil to consecrate me to Him and to fortify me and then he made me repeat the profession of faith in order to initiate me into the spiritual combat. I arose happy and found next to me a dear person who was committed to help me in this battle…You smiled on me, O Jesus, because I felt my soul full of peace and You awaited from me an authentic and strong testimony before the lying and faithless world.

The sword which You gave me was beautiful. You signed me with the Sign of the Cross to tell me that YOU MUST BE MY STRENGTH, that You must be my confidence, that You must be my glory. That cross, signed on my forehead with oil, disappeared, but it was to remain in my works, in my life, in my soul; I myself was to be like a triumphant cross, a glorious trophy of Your redemption!

Thus You set me apart for Yourself, I was much more Yours and I confirmed at Your feet the solemn promise of my Baptism, while You confirmed me in Your mercy! O, how great are Your Sacraments, O Jesus!

How many battles I’ve had since I’ve been confirmed; I should have fought and in the meantime I’ve been defeated because I’ve rendered so many mercies and helps vain! O Jesus, I am covered with disgrace, and here I am wounded at Your feet! Please forgive me! Let the grace of the Sacrament of Confirmation be revived in me; make me strong; make me faithful to Your love.

Love is the most beautiful characteristic of Your soldier and for this the eternal love of God descended on me…O Jesus, detach me from all; inflame me with Your love so that, loving You, I will defend You and will not be unfaithful to You.

ASPIRATION: God the Holy Spirit, inflame me with love.

LITTLE WORK: Perform some act of zeal to repair for all the cowardice which you’ve been guilty of in the divine service.
– Don Dolindo Ruotolo


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