31 Jan


O Mother of Perpetual Succour, with the greatest confidence I come before your sacred picture, in order to invoke your aid. You have seen the wounds which Jesus has been pleased to receive for our sake; you have seen the blood of your Son flowing for our salvation; you know how much your Son desires to apply to us the fruit of his redemption. Behold, I cast myself at your feet, and pray you to obtain for my soul the grace I stand so much in need of. O Mary, most loving of all mothers, obtain for me from the Heart of Jesus, the source of every good, this grace (mention it).

O Mother of Perpetual Succour, you desire our salvation far more than we do ourselves; your Son has given you to us for our Mother; you have yourself chosen to be called Mother of Perpetual Succour. Show me that you love me, show me that you are really my Mother; I do not trust in my merits, but in your powerful intercession; I trust in your goodness, I trust in your motherly love. Mother of Perpetual Succour, for the love you bear to Jesus your Son and my Redeemer, for the love of your great servant St Alphonsus, for the love of my soul obtain for me the grace I ask from you. Amen.


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