31 Mar

If you want to be united with the Heart of Jesus risen from the dead, you must live a new life of grace, holiness and love. Just as Jesus lived a new life after the resurrection, a life above human misery, a heavenly, glorious and immortal life. Live always therefore, with the risen Christ, risen from darkness to light, from error to truth, from sin to grace, from death to life. If you have risen with Jesus you will be free of all chains, free from earthly affection, you will live not for earth but for heaven.

Having risen from the dead with Jesus, your heart must always live subject to your reason and your reason must be subject to faith: you must live with your body subject to your soul and your soul turned towards God. Risen with Jesus you must hate every type of profanity, think nothing of the good opinion of men, think nothing of the world and have no desire for earthly things, but only for the things of heaven. Having risen with Jesus you must work without fear, provide for your needs, but without anxiety, suffer, but without complaining, fight, but without dread.

Having risen with Jesus you must have a holy perseverance, without which the other virtues will not be worthy of an eternal reward. You will live a divine and supernatural life, full of celestial delights and of light, you will be a brother to the angels, a dove of paradise, a resplendent image of God himself.
– Mons. Nicola Tafuri


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