12 Apr

Come, SPIRIT OF WISDOM! Teach my heart to know how to appreciate and love celestial goods and prefer them to all the goods of the earth.

(Say the “Glory be” after each invocation.)

Come, SPIRIT OF UNDERSTANDING! Enlighten my mind to know and embrace all the mysteries and be worthy to obtain full knowledge of You, the Father and the Son.

Come, SPIRIT OF GOOD COUNSEL! Help me in all the matters of this unstable life, make me docile to Your inspiration and lead me always on the right road of the divine commandments.

Come, SPIRIT OF FORTITUDE! Fortify my heart in all pertubation and adversity and give my soul the vigour necessary to resist all its enemies.

Come, SPIRIT OF KNOWLEDGE! Make me see the vanity of all the worn out goods of this world so that I do not use them except for Your greater glory and the salvation of my soul.

Come, SPIRIT OF PIETY! Come live in my heart and lead it to the true piety and holy love of God.

Come, SPIRIT OF THE FEAR OF GOD! Permeate my flesh with Your holy fear in such a way that I always feel the presence of God and avoid everything that might displease the eyes of His Divine Majesty.

Divine Holy Spirit, I offer You all the prayers of the most holy Virgin and the Apostles together in the Cenacle, and I unite my prayers to theirs, begging You to hurry to renew the face of the earth.

V. Send down Your Spirit and things will be created.
R. And You will renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray:
O God, You taught the hearts of the faithful with the light of the Holy Spirit. Grant us, through the same Spirit, knowledge and love of justice, and may we always enjoy His consolation. Amen.


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