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“Mary is our Mother; yes, a true Mother. Our Lord Jesus Christ was nearing His end. Already the sadness of death darkened His soul, and His Body sank under the stress of a prolonged and bitter agony. The stones of Calvary had received His Blood, even to the last drop; His life was passing, sacrificed for us; for us He was dying. He had given us all, at the Last Supper and on Calvary. But suddenly His glance falls upon the face of His mother at the foot of the cross. He considers then that He is leaving us orphans, He thinks of mankind which He loves so much, and from His dying lips He let’s fall these last words, the sublime and final expression of the love of a God who is dying for man: ‘Ecce mater tua! – Behold thy Mother!’ And on the instant, the divine Word, which gives effect to its own meaning, transforms Mary in our regard; it gives her for us the heart, the affection of a Mother, the most loving and compassionate Mother that ever existed. ‘In her there is nothing severe or terrible’, says Saint Bernard; she is full of gentleness and amiability. She is the Mother of mercy.”
– P. Faure


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O my soul, bless God the Father;
all within me bless his name:
bless the Father, and forget not
all his mercies to proclaim,
who forgiveth thy transgressions,
thy diseases all who heals;
who redeems thee from destruction,
who with thee so kindly deals.

Far as east from west is distant,
he hath put away our sin;
like the pity of a father
hath the Lord’s compassion been.
As it was without beginning,
so it lasts without an end;
to their children’s children ever
shall his righteousness extend.
– Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861


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St Cajetan was born at Vicenza in 1480. He became a prelate in the Roman curia, and devoted himself to prayer and service of his neighbour, particularly the sick. He founded a congregation of Clerks, which came to be called the Theatines, particularly devoted to the work of preaching and liturgical renewal. For the congregation, of which he became superior in 1527, he travelled throughout Italy. He died at Naples in 1547.


you helped Saint Cajetan
to imitate the apostolic way of life.
By his example and prayers
may we trust in you always
and be faithful in seeking your kingdom.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


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Lord, turn sinners back to you, grant them a humble and contrite heart.

Give eternal rest to the faithful departed, bring the human family together in Heaven.

You sent Your disciples to proclaim the Gospel to every nation, give your Spirit to those who have devoted themselves to preaching the Gospel in missionary lands.

Help those who are in pain, relieve the suffering of the sick and comfort the dying.

I pray for the hungry of the world. Bless the work of those who strive to alleviate their sufferings. May I be generous and share what I have been given.

I pray for the grace to forgive those who have wronged me; soften my heart to include even my enemies in my prayer.

I pray for children. May they grow in holiness, in knowledge of what is truly right and wrong, in goodness and in love for others. May their guardian angels watch over them always.


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“Remember that it is God’s paternal love which raises, or permits, the tempests of our temptations, in order to keep us at His gates, and to force us to knock and cry out to Him, not once in a year, nor the month, nor the day, but every moment of our day. If you do that, you will enjoy the presence of God, which you desire, not, perhaps, in your way but, in His.

It is a great thing for the soul to have arrived at that point when it feels by its own experience that it cannot live without God, without his favour.

We are for ever running after creatures, and forgetting the Creator, with the result that we neither hunger for the Creator, nor gain satiety from creatures. The remedy is to gain upon them by superior speed and to leave them at once, before they leave us, so as to lose no time, and to pass on to the Creator, in whom we find peace, repose, and satiety, united to eternal stability, the enjoyment of which no one can hinder or disturb.”
– P. Alvarez


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“Alberto Marvelli was born at Ferrara, in Italy. He was given a Christian formation by his mother, who kept their home open to the poor. As a result of this upbringing he became a firm defender of the poor in his later years.

In Rimini, Blessed Alberto attended the Salesian Oratory and was involved with the Catholic Action group in his parish. When he was only 18 he was elected president of Italian Catholic Action and graduated 1941 with a degree in engineering. Shortly afterwards he began teaching in a high school.

During World War II, Blessed Alberto continued to serve the poor at great personal cost and risk. He is known to have given away even his bicycle and the shoes off his feet to those most in need. During the German occupation, he saved numerous people from deportation to the concentration camps. He even carried off to a safe place a tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament.

As an engineer, after the war, Blessed Alberto was chosen by the community of Rimini to take on many positions of responsibility, including the rebuilding of the town. He was also chosen by the bishop to be the president of Catholic Graduates in the diocese.

He was killed on 5th October 1946, when an army truck hit him whilst he was riding his bicycle on his way to a meeting. His remains rest in the Church of St Agostino in Rimini. He was beatified in Loreto on 5th September 2004 by Pope John Paul II.”
– This article, entitled “Heroes of the Faith” was published in “The Catholic Universe” issue Sunday 21st April, 2013. For subscriptions, please visit (external link).


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Father in heaven, we thank you for the life and work of your servant St Barnabas. Through his intercession may all who work for the St Barnabas Society be strengthened to follow his example of joyful encouragement.

Help them to extend a warm and generous welcome to those who have left home and livelihood to be united with Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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