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“Alberto Marvelli was born at Ferrara, in Italy. He was given a Christian formation by his mother, who kept their home open to the poor. As a result of this upbringing he became a firm defender of the poor in his later years.

In Rimini, Blessed Alberto attended the Salesian Oratory and was involved with the Catholic Action group in his parish. When he was only 18 he was elected president of Italian Catholic Action and graduated 1941 with a degree in engineering. Shortly afterwards he began teaching in a high school.

During World War II, Blessed Alberto continued to serve the poor at great personal cost and risk. He is known to have given away even his bicycle and the shoes off his feet to those most in need. During the German occupation, he saved numerous people from deportation to the concentration camps. He even carried off to a safe place a tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament.

As an engineer, after the war, Blessed Alberto was chosen by the community of Rimini to take on many positions of responsibility, including the rebuilding of the town. He was also chosen by the bishop to be the president of Catholic Graduates in the diocese.

He was killed on 5th October 1946, when an army truck hit him whilst he was riding his bicycle on his way to a meeting. His remains rest in the Church of St Agostino in Rimini. He was beatified in Loreto on 5th September 2004 by Pope John Paul II.”
– This article, entitled “Heroes of the Faith” was published in “The Catholic Universe” issue Sunday 21st April, 2013. For subscriptions, please visit (external link).


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