31 Jul

“Mary is our Mother; yes, a true Mother. Our Lord Jesus Christ was nearing His end. Already the sadness of death darkened His soul, and His Body sank under the stress of a prolonged and bitter agony. The stones of Calvary had received His Blood, even to the last drop; His life was passing, sacrificed for us; for us He was dying. He had given us all, at the Last Supper and on Calvary. But suddenly His glance falls upon the face of His mother at the foot of the cross. He considers then that He is leaving us orphans, He thinks of mankind which He loves so much, and from His dying lips He let’s fall these last words, the sublime and final expression of the love of a God who is dying for man: ‘Ecce mater tua! – Behold thy Mother!’ And on the instant, the divine Word, which gives effect to its own meaning, transforms Mary in our regard; it gives her for us the heart, the affection of a Mother, the most loving and compassionate Mother that ever existed. ‘In her there is nothing severe or terrible’, says Saint Bernard; she is full of gentleness and amiability. She is the Mother of mercy.”
– P. Faure


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