31 Jul

Lord, turn sinners back to you, grant them a humble and contrite heart.

Give eternal rest to the faithful departed, bring the human family together in Heaven.

You sent Your disciples to proclaim the Gospel to every nation, give your Spirit to those who have devoted themselves to preaching the Gospel in missionary lands.

Help those who are in pain, relieve the suffering of the sick and comfort the dying.

I pray for the hungry of the world. Bless the work of those who strive to alleviate their sufferings. May I be generous and share what I have been given.

I pray for the grace to forgive those who have wronged me; soften my heart to include even my enemies in my prayer.

I pray for children. May they grow in holiness, in knowledge of what is truly right and wrong, in goodness and in love for others. May their guardian angels watch over them always.


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