31 Jul

“Remember that it is God’s paternal love which raises, or permits, the tempests of our temptations, in order to keep us at His gates, and to force us to knock and cry out to Him, not once in a year, nor the month, nor the day, but every moment of our day. If you do that, you will enjoy the presence of God, which you desire, not, perhaps, in your way but, in His.

It is a great thing for the soul to have arrived at that point when it feels by its own experience that it cannot live without God, without his favour.

We are for ever running after creatures, and forgetting the Creator, with the result that we neither hunger for the Creator, nor gain satiety from creatures. The remedy is to gain upon them by superior speed and to leave them at once, before they leave us, so as to lose no time, and to pass on to the Creator, in whom we find peace, repose, and satiety, united to eternal stability, the enjoyment of which no one can hinder or disturb.”
– P. Alvarez


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