29 Aug

“Mary is the Queen of Hope! O what a consoling thought for the pious soul, who places all his confidence in this good Mother! Is it not Hope which sustains the traveller in the midst of the obstacles which beset his path? –

Is it not Hope which sustains the sick man on his bed of pain? –

Is it not again, and always, Hope which is the strength and the support of man here below? –

O Mary, you are our hope.

Poor travellers in this world of trials and dangers, you guide our tottering steps. When sick, we have recourse to you, and you dress our wounds. Finally, when, bruised and wearied, we are on the point of falling under the blows of the enemy, you shield us in your virginal mantle.

O Queen of holy Hope, you are the life and hope of our souls.”
– Laverty&Sons, Leeds, 1905


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