28 Nov

By the power and glory of thy holy Cross, with which I bless myself, save me, O Lord Jesus; turn aside from me the poisonous darts of the enemy; destroy in me carnal lust; quicken me with the gifts of thy grace; shelter me under the shadow of thy wings.

By this same sign of thy holy Cross, deliver me, O Lord, from daily perils, disease, and death. Should sorrow or sickness overtake me for my sins, soothe my grief and allay my pain as thou willest, and as thou best knowest how.

Grant that, protected in thee and by thee, I may never be delivered into the hands of my enemies, visible or invisible; but rather in mercy than in anger do thou chastise me, good Jesus; and whenever I shall stray from thee do thou call me back again, and guard me in thy loving kindness to thy glory. May thy name be blessed for ever. Amen.


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