15 Mar

We ask the intercession of Saint Patrick to support us as we pray:

R. Come Holy Spirit, into our hearts and lives.

You renew the face of the earth in all times:
– renew our world today. (R.)

You overshadowed the Blessed Virgin Mary:
– cast your bright shadow over the Church. (R.)

You descended on your Son like a dove:
– bring us peace and wisdom in his name. (R.)

You gave the Apostles tongues of fire:
– enable us to speak of your truth even in the darkest shadows. (R.)

(Personal intentions)

Our Father…

God our Father, you converted a people to the glory of your name through the preaching of Saint Patrick. Inspire us by his spirit to walk in holiness, and help us to teach the Gospel to those around us, that our nation may turn again to you, through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


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