12 May

(This advice is of great importance, not just for nuns.)

“Dear mothers and sisters, fly from the world as one would fly from a serpent, because when the serpent bites, it is difficult to be cured: the same happens regarding the world.

Therefore, if you want to become true daughters of God, fly from the world and from the men of the world, guarding your souls in hesychia. Tell me, dear mothers and sisters, from where did the holy fathers gain the virtues, in the midst of the people and their world, or in the silence of the deserts?

If you will not abandon the foulness of the world, if you will not renounce the things of the flesh, if you will not practise hesychia, how will your soul be able to live in the divine future? Do you intend to enter into the Kingdom of God in which, until now, no other person has been able to enter?

My daughters, abandon your vain hopes and direct your gaze towards our Lord Jesus Christ, our Sun of truth, in Whom, in reality, is all our hope!

A soldier upon the earth, if he will not fight, if he will not pour out his blood nor bear wounds, will never receive glory, even that which is temporal! Do you want to save your souls and inherit eternal life without a struggle, eating well, drinking well, amusing yourselves with those of the world and going around amongst the people?

O foolish hope! My sisters, do not continue to make this mistake! Rid yourself of every care and worry, and do not even do needlework for the purpose of receiving alms. Leave that to the world! God does not want that we, who have chosen the monastic life, after having renounced the world, have also gold and superfluous things. The Lord has left us a clear commandment:

‘Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow nor reap nor store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.”


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