24 May

“A Saint once said: ‘There is nothing so loving as a virginal heart.’ Was not Mary’s heart the most loving, because it was the purest? It was strong enough not to break at the foot of the cross, but it burst its tomb on the day of the Assumption, because it desired to rejoin Jesus.

The favours accorded to the virtue of purity are friendship with God, and the admittance to intimacy with Him; joy, peace and happiness in this life, and the possession of Heaven in the next. ‘He who loves purity of heart will have as a friend the King of kings.’

On earth, purity gives us joy and happiness, according to the words of Saint Cyprian: ‘Purity is happy, and gives happiness.’ And in Heaven, the supreme recompense of purity is God Himself. ‘Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.’

To obtain it, let us address ourselves to her whom the Church calls ‘the Illustrious Guardian of virgins, the spotless Mother of the Divinity, our hope, the joy of Heaven.'”
– Laverty & Sons (eds), 1905


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