26 May

“The Eternal Father has designed the crosses of His adopted children from all eternity, as He designed that of His only Son; hence the importance of schooling ourselves to bear them faithfully.

Many souls accept them tranquilly at first, for they are prepared for them by the grace of prayers, and have often desired them in the sweetness of loving fervour.

But, because they are but ill formed in the school of crucified love, listening too readily to nature and the senses, which cry out, as the Jews did to our Saviour, to descend from the cross, they seek, later on, some means of escaping from it.

They bear it unwillingly giving way to interior murmurings which render them unworthy of the favour of heaven, and deprive them of the sweet fruit of this tree of life.

This misfortune is often the result of paying too much attention to our sufferings, and thinking too much of ourselves.

Happy is the crucified soul, who only contemplates his crosses in God, whence they derive their beauty, and whose ears are opened only to the voice of the Beloved, who sends them!”
– St Alphonsus Liguori


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