15 Aug

(Pugnate, Christi milites)

Soldiers, who are Christ’s below,
Strong in faith resist the foe;
Boundless is the pledged reward
Unto them who serve the Lord.

‘Tis no palm of fading leaves
That the conqueror’s hand receives;
Joys are his, serene and pure,
Light that ever shall endure.

For the souls that overcome
Waits the beauteous heavenly home,
Where the blessed evermore
Tread on high the starry floor.

Passing soon and little worth
Are the things that tempt on earth;
Heavenward lift thy soul’s regard;
God himself is the reward;

Father who the crown dost give,
Saviour by whose death we live,
Spirit who our hearts dost raise,
Three in One, thy name we praise. Amen.
– Bourges Breviary, 1734
tr. J. H. Clark


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