22 Jun

We pray thee, heavenly Father,

To hear us in thy love,

And pour upon thy children

The unction from above;

That so in love abiding,

From all defilement free,

We may in pureness offer

Our Eucharist to thee.


All that we have to offer,

For it is all thine own,

All gifts, by thine appointment,

In bread and cup are shown;

One thing alone we bring not,

The wilfulness of sin,

And all we bring is nothing

Save that which is within.


Within the pure oblation,

Beneath the outward sign,

By that his operation, –

The Holy Ghost divine, –

Lies hid the sacred Body,

Lies hid the precious Blood,

Once slain, now ever glorious,

Of Christ our Lord and God.


Wherefore, though all unworthy

To offer sacrifice,

We pray that this our duty

Be pleasing in thine eyes;

For praise, and thanks and worship,

For mercy and for aid,

The Catholic oblation

Of Jesus Christ is made.

– V. S. S. Coles, 1845-1929


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