08 Jul

“Christian, if in the midst of worldly, unfaithful, imperfect hearts, there was one adorned with all the most beautiful and precious qualities, would you not feel obliged to love it?

That is what the Heart of Jesus is

That is exactly what the Heart of Jesus is. This heart contains an abundance and super-abundance of all that is likeable to you. If you are pleased by beauty, goodness and virtue, you will find these things in both human and divine measure. If you find affection, tenderness and mercy admirable, this is the most affectionate, tender and admirable of all Hearts.

You can make it your ark, your refuge

You can make it your ark, your refuge, the place where you bring your problems, your eternal home. If it is love you are after, you will find everything that makes up the love of the angels and saints, of Mary and the Holy Trinity and of all of paradise.

In floods of tears, St Augustine said, ‘You  have conquered me, Lord. The fear of death or of your judgements or the terrors of hell did not move me, it was the love of your heart that changed me.'”

– Mons. Nicola Tafuri

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