01 Aug

The best method

“It consists in praying constantly; that is in recommending ourselves on all occasions to Jesus Christ, and in invoking the intercession of our Angel guardian, of our holy patrons, and above all of the Blessed Virgin; for all God’s graces pass through her hands.

Our whole welfare depends on prayer

Our whole welfare depends on prayer. Every day we should specially ask God for perseverance in grace. He who prays for perseverance obtains it; he who does not pray for it does not obtain it, and is lost for all eternity. We should also ask from Jesus Christ the grace of His divine love, as well as perfect conformity to His holy will. And to obtain these graces, we must rely above all on the merits of Jesus and the intercession of Mary.

These prayers should be said on rising in the morning

These prayers should be said on rising in the morning. We should return to them during the day, in our devotions, at Holy Communion, in visiting the Blessed Sacrament, and, finally, at our evening examination of conscience.

We should particularly ask God’s help in resisting temptations, above all temptations against chastity. We shall be unable to resist, unless we constantly invoke the holy names of Jesus and Mary. He who prays, triumphs; he who does not pray is overcome.

He who prays triumphs

Yes, O my Jesus, how many times I have fallen, because I neglected to call upon You! Doce nos orare. O teach me Yourself to pray, and to recommend myself to the maternal care of our Blessed Mother!”

– St Alphonsus


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