02 Aug

The Tempest

“Jesus had entered into a boat, with his disciples. And behold a storm began to upheave the sea, and the bark, invaded by the waves, seemed on the point of being engulfed. But He slept. ‘Lord,’ cried out the terrified disciples, ‘Lord save us, we perish!’ Jesus said to them: ‘Why are ye fearful, ye men of little faith?’ Then, rising, He commanded the winds and the sea, and immediately there was a great calm.

Lord, save us, we perish!

Alas! that bark, those heaving waves, those raging winds, are they not an image of man here below?

A vivid description of our lives here below

As a bark launched on the waves encounters are thousand perils, and struggles with the storm, so man, on the stormy sea of this life is exposed to all kinds of perils and dangers: temptations, scandals, bad advice, dangerous occasions, human respect [the fear of what people might think or say about oneself]: then there are our passions, like furious winds, tossing our bark, and threatening to upset it, in order to engulf it in the waves of sin.

I have lifted up my eyes towards the holy mountains, from thence comes my help

What are we to do, in the midst of a storm, and amidst all those dangers? – “I have lifted up my eyes towards the holy mountains,’ said David ‘it is thence that help will come to me.’ Just as the pilot keeps his eyes fixed on the star which will guide him to the port, so must we always look to Jesus, and address to Him always our cry of distress, and of confidence: ‘Lord, save us, we perish!’

Lord, save me!

No, Lord, I do not rely on myself; for You have said: ‘Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man.’ Let me then always say to You: ‘Lord, save me!’

– Laverty & Sons (eds), 1905


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