04 Aug

Conquering kings their titles take

From the lands they captive make;

Jesu, thine was given thee

For a world thou madest free.


Not another name is given

Power possessing under heaven,

Strong to call dead souls to rise

And exalt them to the skies.


That which Christ so hardly wrought,

That which he so dearly bought,

That salvation, mortals, say,

Will ye madly cast away?


Rather gladly for that name

Bear the Cross, endure the shame;

Joyfully for him to die

Is not death bit victory.


Jesu, if thou condescend

To be called the sinner’s Friend,

Ours the joy and glory be

Thus to make our boast of thee.


Glory to the Father be,

Glory, Virgin-born, to thee,

Glory to the Holy Ghost,

Ever from the heavenly host. Amen.

– Victis sibi cognomina, Nevers Breviary, 1727


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