06 Aug

He had not whereon to lay his head.

“‘Master,’ said a doctor of the law, addressing Jesus – ‘I will follow you, wherever you go.’ ‘The foxes have their dens, and the birds of the air their nests, but the Son of Man has not whereon to lay His head.’

Alas! This man thought to find, in following Jesus, a more honourable and easy life. Hence this answer which reveals to us in what poverty Jesus continued to live during the three years of His public life, and at the same time, on what conditions we can become His disciples.

It is as He said: ‘In vain do you hope to find in following Me, honours, riches, delights. Even as I, the Master and the Model of perfection, have practised poverty, so far as to be born in a stable, and to lack even a stone on which to rest My head, so must My disciples accept poverty with all its austerities.’

‘The true disciples of Jesus,’ said Saint Jerome, ‘have nothing and hope for nothing, absolutely nothing, but Jesus.'”

– Mgr. Dupanloup

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