08 Aug

God reveals Himself to Moses

“How admirable are the divine manifestations in the life of Moses, the beloved! A fugitive, weeping in the desert over the misfortunes og his people, he perceives in the distamce a mysterious flame; he draws near to examine it – behold! it is the Glory of God!

A voice speaks: ‘Moses! Moses!’

‘Lord, I am here.’

‘Approach not, for the place on which you tread is holy ground. I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, of Issac, and of Jacob. I have seen the affliction of my people, I have heard their bitter cry; go thou and snatch them from the hands of the Egyptian.’

‘But if the people ask me Who is He Who sends you?’

‘I am Who am’; you will say: ‘He Who is sends me to you.’

‘But Lord, I am infirm, and cannot speak.’

‘Go, I place My power in your hands; miracles compel belief.’

And Moses goes. In the land of Egypt, in the desert into which he leads his rescued people, God speaks to him again; in the last books of the Pentateuch one sees constantly repeated: ‘The Lord spoke to Moses, the Lord said to Moses.’ God speaks to His servant doring the voyage, in the tent, in the assemblies of the people, on Sinai, where the Holy Law is promulgated, at the door and beneath the veils of the Tabernacle.

God speaks to His servant, not as to other mortals, but face to face, as one speaks to a friend.

So often has the prophet seen the splebdid vision of the Lord that his countenance bears its radiant traves and that, emboldened by so many favours, he dares to say, in a moment of sublime familiarity: ‘O God, show me your glory!’¬†Ostende mihi gloriam tuam!

– R. P. Monsabre

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