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God’s eye is upon me

“We are extremely unfortunate if we lack sensitivity to the intimate and active presence of God in our life. A great amount of unnecessary anxiety can afflict us if we fail to avert to the personal interest which God has in each one of us, and to the directive influence which God exerts upon us.

We have free will, but we are wise to take note of God’s directive influence

The extent to which God can participate in our lives must largely depend, of course, upon the willingness with which we submit to His guidance. Ordinarily God will respect the free will with which He has endowed us. He will nudge us often, but seldom push.

However, a person who honestly does wish and try to do God’s will, can be confident that he always is on safe ground. He always is headed in the right direction.

Always facing the right direction

A mistake which we sometimes make is to assume that God’s infinite greatness puts Him at a remote distance from ourselves. We tend to think of God much as a worker on the assembly line might think of the president of a great corporation – a far-off person whose responsibilities are too weighty to allow him to get involved in the personal problems of individual workers.

In theory we believe that God loves us and watches over us, but in practice we are not thoroughly convinced that God is totally absorbed (as He really is) in our own petty affairs.

Does God’s infinity make Him remote from me?

Oh, yes, God wants me in heaven and He will parcel out a generous portion of grace to me – whatever that may mean. But that God should keep a minute-to-minute vigil over me, disposing circumstances and events for my greatest good… well, do I really believe that? Do I live by that conviction?

God’s infinity does not make Him remote from me. Quite the contrary. It is precisely because He is infinite that God can concentrate His total attention upon each of us individually. Numbers mean nothing to God. One or a billion, it is all the same to Him.

Numbers mean nothing to God

Neither does the size of a task mean anything to Him. God may have initiated a whole chain of events, a hundred years ago, for the sole purpose of conferring some minor benefit upon me today. He could do so with absolutely no effort.

God is with us every step along the way

Factually, what happens to me today has been planned by God from all eternity. God does not change His procedures from day to day. His plan for the universe, from beginning to end, is as everlasting as God Himself. From all eternity He has taken into account the action and reaction, the cooperation and the resistance of each human will. From all eternity God has evaluated our prayers and our strivings, our obstacles and our handicaps. From all eternity God has prepared Himself to be with me right now in this present need of time.

Right now, in this present need of time

A favourite gadget encountered in science-fiction literature is the ‘time machine’. This imaginary device enables a person to move backward and forward through time; to drop in casually on the Rome of Julius Caesar, or to move forward at will into the twenty-fifth century.

Truth is stranger than fiction

Truth is stranger than fiction. We possess the power to reach all the way back into eternity. The prayers we offer today, the decisions and efforts we make today, extend back through the whole expanse of time to influence God’s eternal creative decrees. The choice I make at this moment had to be noted by God and His own plan adjusted accordingly, from all eternity.

We cannot speak of past or present with respect to God

To be strictly accurate, of course, we cannot speak of past or present with respect to God. With Him there is no past or present, only the eternal NOW. God surrounds time and contains time, even as a clock’s case contains the works. But we have to speak of God in human terms. There is no other way.

Of this we can be certain

Of this we can be certain: As long as we are trying, with reasonable diligence, to do our duty as we see it, God is working along with us. He ‘sticks His finger in’ far more often than we realise. He prepares the way for us, steers us around traps, compensates for our unavoidable ignorance and corrects for our honest mistakes. Except for sin, we never are completely on our own.

Except for sin, we are never on our own

However erratic and at times discouraging our course through life may seem to be, God is ‘gentling’ us onward to our own ultimate good.”

– Fr Leo J. Trese, 1966, One Step Enough

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