16 Aug

St Norbert, Memorial: 6 June

“Born at Xanten, Germany, about the year 1080, Norbert was initially a worldly and sensuous man. One day in 1115, as he rode his horse to a nearby village, a thunderbolt from a sudden storm struck at his horse’s feet. The animal threw him and he lay unconscious for nearly an hour. After this near-fatal accident, his faith deepened, and he returned to Xanten to lead a life of penance.

Norbert then became a priest and an itinerant preacher, and in October 1119, Pope Calixtus II requested Norbert to found a religious order. On Christmas Day 1120, Norbert established the Canons Regular of Premontre. In 1126 Pope Honorius II appointed Norbert Archbishop of Magdeburg. Today, Norbertine congregations are found in Europe, America, Zaire, South Africa, India and Australia. Norbert was canonised by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, and his feast day is on June 6.”

– This article was published in the Messenger of St Anthony magazine, issue June 2015. For subscriptions please contact Messenger of St Anthony, Basilica del Santo – via Orto Botanico 11, 1-35123 Padua, Italy


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