21 Jan

If habit makes saints, it also makes sinners. Slowly and by degrees we are either saved or lost; and, having reached the gate of heaven or that of hell, we exclaim: So soon!

Salvation through Jesus’ merits is a lifelong process requiring prayer and attention to detail

The point of departure is scarcely perceptible; it is like the little snowflake which; falling on the mountain, seemed ready to melt, but, having mingled with other flakes, has helped to form the avalanche which may soon crush us.

Wherefore he that thinketh himself to stand, let him take heed lest he fall (1Cor10:12)

If, after having committed one mortal sin, we try to go back to the desire which caused the act, to the thought from which sprung the desire, to the occasion which gave rise to the thought, we would but find a mere trifle, something almost imperceptible – a word of double meaning which was listened to with a smile; a useless explanation which we asked for simply through curiosity; a casual glance cast on some object, I know not for what reason, although my conscience urged me to refrain from it; a prayer omitted because it would have put me to some inconvenience, and instead of it, I did something which pleased me; a moment of work I abandoned, in order to follow some vague idea floating through my mind.

It is easy to draw the practical conclusion

After a few days the same accidental circumstance is renewed, a little more prolonged; – remorse, once stifled, ceases to exist.

A few days after; – alas! let me stop here; each one can complete the story for himself. It is easy to draw the practical conclusion.

– From: Golden Grains, M. H. Gill and Son, O’Connell Street, Eighth Edition, Dublin 1889


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