21 Jan

“You may remember the song that begins, ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.’ Let us prayerfully reflect on what some holy people have written about inner peace:

‘Where people are praying for peace the cause of peace is being strengthened by their very act of prayer, for they are themselves becoming immersed in the spirit of peace.’ (George MacLeod – founder of the Iona Community)

‘Honour peace more than anything else. But strive first of all to be at peace in yourself.’ (St John of Apamea)

‘Be solitary, be silent, and be at peace.’ (Aresnius – Desert Father)

‘Peace is always in God, for God is peace.’ (St Nicholas Flue)

‘No single hour beyond the present is promised to me for setting life upon firm foundations, and finding a steadfast anchor for my immortal soul, and making my peace with God and my neighbour.’ (John Baillie – Scottish theologian)

‘Peace and love are always alive in us, but we are not always alive to peace and love.’ (Mother Julian of Norwich)

‘Keep peace in your heart. Let nothing in this world disturb it.’ (St John of the Cross)

‘The perfect peace of the holy angels lies in their love for God and their love for one another. This is also the case with all the saints from the beginning of time.’ (Maximum the Confessor)

‘We should have great peace if we did not busy ourselves with what others say or do.’ (Thomas a Kempis – German spiritual writer)”

– From: Spiritual Thought from Fr Chris, January 2016




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