23 Jan

Of noble family

Raymond was born at Barcelona of the noble family of Pennaford. He was diligent in prayer and the study of canon and civil law at Bologna, where he received his doctorate and interpreted the sacred canons with distinction.

Diligence in prayer

Bishop Berengarius made him a canon and provost of the church of Barcelona, and Raymond’s virtue, learning, and pleasant disposition made him outstanding.

Devotion to Our Lady

He strove to his utmost to promote devotion to Our Lady. At about forty-five, he became a Dominican. On his advice, his penitent, St Peter Nolasco, founded with James I of Aragon the order of Our Lady of Mercy, for the Ransom of Captives, for which Raymond wrote a very suitable rule.

Life and work as a Dominican

By order of Gregory IX, he made a one-volume collection of the Papal decrees called the Decretals. He firmly refused the Archbishopric of Tarragon a and for two years administered his post as Master General of the Dominicans with great holiness.

Master General of the Dominicans

After resigning, he died in 1275 when almost one hundred years old. Clement VIII placed him among the saints.

– From: The approved translation of the Roman Breviary, Burns & Oates, London 1964



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