26 Jan

Timothy was born at Lystra, in Lycaonia. His father was a Gentile and his mother a Jewess. When the Apostle Paul came into those parts, Timothy was already a Christian.

He had heard much of his holy life

The Apostle had heard much of his holy life, and was thereby induced to take him as the companion of his travels; but on account of the Jewish converts to the faith of Christ, who were aware that Timothy’s father was a Gentile, he administered to him the rite of circumcision. As soon as they both arrived at Ephesus, the Apostle ordained him bishop of that church.

St Paul addressed two of his epistles to him

The Apostle addressed two of his epistles to him, one from Laodicean, the other from Rome.

Thus, confirmed in his pastoral office, he could not endure to see sacrifice, which is due to God alone, offered to the images of devils; and finding that the people of Ephesus were sacrificing victims to Diana on her festival, he strove to make them stop their impiety, but they stoned him; the Christians rescued him, nearly dead, and carried him to a mountain near the town, where on the ninth of the Calends of February, he fell asleep in the Lord.

– From: An Approved English Translation of the Roman Breviary, Burns & Oates, London, 1964



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