27 Jan

St Angela Merici, Virgin

Angela Merici was born of virtuous parents and from earliest childhood gave signs of great virtue. She frequently wore a hairshirt. She prayed unceasingly. She gave up the fortune her father left her and embraced the rule of the Franciscan Third Order, uniting evangelical poverty and virginity. She omitted no duty of love for her neighbour and received Holy Communion frequently, often in ecstasy from the intensity of her love.

A new society of virgins under the patronage of St Ursula

At Brescia, she founded a new society of virgins under the title and patronage of St Ursula, with a fixed discipline and holy rule of life. She died at seventy on the sixth of the Calends of February in 1540. Pope Clement XIII ratified and confirmed her veneration by solemn decree and Pope Pius VII added her to the list of holy virgins.

– From: An Approved English Translation of the Roman Breviary, Burns & Oates, London 1964



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