02 Feb

Ave, Star of ocean,

Child divine who barest,

Mother, ever Virgin,

Heaven’s portal fairest.


Taking that sweet Ave

Erst by Gabriel spoken,

Eva’s name reversing,

Be of peace the token.


Break the sinners’ fetters,

Light to blind restoring,

All our ills dispelling,

Every boon imploring.


Show thyself a Mother

In thy supplication;

He will hear who chose thee

At his Incarnation.


Maid all maids excelling,

Passing meek and lowly,

Win for sinners pardon,

Make us chaste and holy.


As we onward journey

Aid our weak endeavour,

Till we gaze on Jesus

And rejoice forever.


Father, Son and Spirit,

Three in One confessing,

Give we equal glory

Equal praise and blessing. Amen.


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