04 Feb

How is it you are always so amiable? some person enquired of a woman to whom God seemed to have given the power of happiness.

It is a very simple thing, she replied. Before paying a visit, or even joining our family circle, I examine the depths of my soul to see if it is at peace with God.

If I find such as I desire, I say to myself, It is well! God is with me; it is He who will do all. It is not I who am amiable: it is God to whom I have yielded myself up. In vain do annoyances come upon me; my vexation hides itself behind the good God.

For instance, when I have received Holy Communion, can they receive Jesus ungraciously, who is within me and tells me: “Be loving, kind and devoted,” and whom I obey? And are we not always amiable, and do we not make others happy when we are affectionate and unselfish?

A priest said to me not long ago: “Bear Jesus with you to all whom you meet; they will be very wicked if they do not experience a little happiness.” And I did so… My only secret is that I do not let Jesus Christ leave my heart.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889


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