04 Feb

We read, in the life of St Thomas Aquinas, that one day a furious storm filled with terror all who were in the monastery.

The roof cracked as if ready to tumble; the walls shook, beaten by the storm. The monks, assembled at that hour in the community-room, ran, terrified, to seek shelter under the vaults of the cloister.

But he, the Angelic Doctor, the inspired singer of the Eucharist, hastening whither his heart summoned him, ran to the church, mounted the altar, and twining his arms round the tabernacle, with his venerable head resting against the prison of love where his Love reposed, awaited in that affectionate posture, the end of the tempest.

Oh! my soul, thou who art so happy as to live under the same roof with Jesus, fly at the first sound of the storm to shelter thyself near the loving Heart of thy Master.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889


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