06 Feb

Defence in spiritual battle

Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me.

This is the motto which surrounds the image of the Sacred Heart on the flag and on the breasts of the Pontifical Zouaves and the Breton soldiers. It is said that these words, so suggestive of courage and calmness, were the inspiration of a mother.

The inspiration of a mother

She blessed her kneeling son, who was about setting out for Rome to fight in defence of Pius IX, and courageously, though with emotion, bidding him a last adieu, placed a medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on his neck. For a moment the poor mother was overcome; she trembled violently; … perhaps a vision of blood passed before her eyes; … then, as if inspired, she cried: Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me. Her face resumed its wonted calm, and, embracing her son, she said, Go forth; I am reassured.

Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me.

These eloquent words will be also my motto, for am I not also a soldier of Jesus Christ? I will inscribe them on the work-table in the room in which my daily work is accomplished, and, if I am tempted to negligence, idleness, self-love, or rebellion, my lips will murmur it as a prayer for diligence and courage.

Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me.

I will inscribe this motto on the chair at which I kneel to say my morning and evening prayers; and whenever I feel my courage failing, or the devil coming to tempt me with weariness, or trying to cloud my faith by suggesting thoughts of doubt, he will draw back upon reading it near my crucifix.

Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me.

I will inscribe it on my garments, and place it near my heart; and if sensuality, selfishness, hatred, or revenge should attempt to enter this sanctuary where Jesus alone is Master, they must fly in confusion and terror.

Cease! The Heart of Jesus is with me!

I will inscribe this motto on the door of my bedroom; and if, favoured by the darkness, Satan should glide in and approach my coach, the words will shine with a terrible brilliancy, as formerly shone the name of God, which the Archangel Michael presented to his gaze when he revolted against heaven.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889



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