07 Feb

St Benedict in the sixth century wrote, “In these days let us add something beyond the wonted measure of our service, such as private prayers and abstinence in food and drink. Let each one, over and above the measure prescribed for him, offer God something.”
Here are some suggestions:

• Come to an extra Mass each week on a weekday or Saturday.

• Spend a particular time each day with God in prayer.

• Read the Bible daily and know more about Jesus in the Gospels.

• Pray the Rosary each day or pray the Stations of the Cross.

• Decide to give up something you enjoy and put the money saved in the Lenten Alms Box in the church to share with the poor.

• Choose a spiritual book or pamphlet to read.

• Help someone who is in need.

• Make efforts to change something in your life that is a weak area.

• Help your family and friends or help around the house.

• Make every effort to make Fridays a special day of penance.

• Spend some prayerful time before the before the Blessed Sacrament.

• Make a good Confession and be reconciled to God.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta told us about ‘doing something beautiful for God’. What will you do for God this Lent?
– From: “Spiritual Thought from Fr Chris”


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