07 Feb

The Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In the thirteenth century, seven noblemen of Florence, namely Bonfilio Monaldi, Bonagiunta Manetti, Manettus dell’Antella, Amadeus de’Amadei, Hugo Lippi, Gerard Sostegni, and Alexis Falconieri, withdrew to a certain rural chapel, fervently recalling to mind the Passion of Christ and the sorrows of his most afflicted Mother.

Appearing on Good Friday, the Blessed Virgin herself showed them the habit of mourning they were to wear and let it be known that their founding a new religious order to spread and promote, by constant devotion, the memory of the sorrows she endured under the cross of the Lord would be very pleasing to her.

Then, these holy men, with the help of blessed Peter Martyr of the Order of Preachers, founded the order of Servants of the Blessed Virgin [Services], and with their companions began to travel through cities and towns, everywhere preaching Christ crucified by word and example

One love of true brotherhood, indeed, brought them together, one tomb held their bodies, and one veneration of them all by the people followed them. Clement XI and Benedict XIII, therefore, confirmed a single cult for them all, and Leo XIII added them to the list of saints.

– From: An Approved English Translation of the Breviarium Romanum, Burns & Oates, London, 1964



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