08 Feb

The Heart of Jesus is an ever-guarding love.

Thou dost not see it, O my soul! but it is about thee, enveloping thee in its affection like a strong amour, covering thee with its love, as the hen covers her chickens with her wings.

Walk forth fearlessly into life; thou art not alone, and He who is with their is called the strong God, the Almighty God.

If thou dost hesitate, look back upon the years which are past.

How numerous were those who walked by thy side in the beginning of life; but they have loitered on the road, frightened by the self-denial required by the Gospel, or attracted by sinful pleasures… and thou art continuing thy march towards a happy eternity. Who has strengthened thee against discouragement?

How numerous were those, later in their enthusiastic youth, worked with thee! … But they have fallen, vanquished by human respect [what some people think of them] or by the pleasures of the world, and dost continue in peace to still fight bravely for the Lord… Who has sustained thee against these incessant attacks? Go forward and fear not.

Oh, how great is the vigilance of a mother over the cradle of her little child! The solicitude of a father guiding his son through a tumultuous crowd. The assiduous care of a friend devoting himself to the protection of a friend!

The Heart of Jesus is an ever-giving love.

It is He who says to me each day, Ask, my child, and I will give to thee. It is He who says in touching accents of regretful complaint, But, my child, thou hast asked me for nothing as yet. It is He, who, seeing me sometimes discouraged by delay, repeats, Ask again, beseech, importune. It is He who, in spite of my indifference, gives me a new grace almost every moment.

That word of encouragement which was said to me this morning when my courage was failing – it was Jesus who inspired it.

That unexpected joy – it was Jesus who procured it for me.

That person who received me with kindness when I feared to be treated coldly and repelled – it was Jesus who made her kind to me.

That contradiction which prevented my doing as I wished, but it spared me a personal embarrassment, as I learned afterwards – it was Jesus who caused it.

That trial which I bore with resignation – it was Jesus who sent it to me in order to give me an opportunity of merit…

Oh! if I but knew how to love, how much better would I not understand all things.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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