11 Feb

Lo! Mary is exempt from stain of sin,

Proclaims the Pontiff high;

And earth applauding celebrates with joy

Her triumph, far and high.


Unto a lowly timid maid she shows

Her form in beauty fair.

And the Immaculate Conception truth

Her sacred lips declare.


O honoured cave, by Mary’s smile adorned!

O hallowed rock, whence spring

The living waters of a gushing stream,

The gifts of life to bring.


And thither from the far most bounds of earth

The pilgrims wend their way,

And suppliant around the Virgin’s shrine

Her powerful help they pray.


The sufferers’ cry the Mother fondly hears,

And grants the longed-for grace;

And health restored, the pilgrim throng returns

Unto its native place.


O Virgin! have compassion on our needs,

Refresh us labouring on;

Obtain for us the joys of heavenly life,

When sorrow is all gone.


All praise and honour to the Father be,

And to his only Son,

And to the Spirit, power of both, for aye,

In Godhead ever One. Amen.

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