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One of the characteristics of holiness is to be unexacting and uncomplaining.

Each complaint, even if it is just, makes us descend a degree from that height of virtue which we may have attained with such difficulty. To confide our troubles is not complaining; a complaint nearly always contains a somewhat of ill-humour and a slight feeling of revenge.

Content with everything given

The saints are unexacting. Content with everything given them, they easily deny themselves what is refused to them.

“I made a request for an object which I believed necessary,” said a holy person. “They either forgot or did not wish to answer me; why should I have been uneasy? If I absolutely needed it, God would readily have found means to grant it to me.”

Few people will understand the following words, yet they are the echo of what Jesus Christ has said: “Your Father in heaven knoweth what is needful for you even before you ask it.”

Your Father in heaven knows what is needful for you

“I do not know the reason,” remarked another saint; “but everybody is so very attentive to me, that I have not a desire to express; one would say that everyone about me is over-anxious in my regard, and passes the day in trying to give me pleasure.”

This soul practised to the letter abandonment to Divine Providence; she served God with all her heart, and God in his turn served her and caused her to be served. What a sweet exchange of loving kindness between God and the innocent soul!

Divine Providence

Listen to these charming words of St Vincent de Paul: “When God once takes a soul into his affection, no matter what it may do, He always bears with it. Have you not seen how a father treats a little child that he loves very much. He bears with all the child does, saying even to him sometimes, Bite me, little one! And why is this? Because he loves this child…” – Truly, no one but a saint could have such thoughts, and dare to express them so simply and openly.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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