27 Feb

The devout soul before the Blessed Sacrament and after Holy Communion

Accept, O Lord, my entire Liberty

Bind my hands and lead them whither thou wilt.

Is it thy will that my life should be spent in the midst of turmoil and noise, and amid that unceasing labour which prevents those sweet moments of rest, which are the dreams of the mind and of the heart? If so, may thy will be done.

Is it thy will that, alone, sad, and abandoned, I should remain on earth when all I love have gone to thee in heaven? If so, may thy will be done.

Is it thy will that, unknown to all, and despised even by those whose affection I would most value, I should be looked on as useless on account of my want of talent and affability, or on account of my bad health? If so, may thy will be done.

Is it thy will that I should be torn from my family, placed within the walls of a cloister far, far distant, or in a strange family, thus being destroyed my former habits, affections, comfort, and even that repose of heart and mind which thou hast made so sweet to me? If so, may thy will be done!

Thou art my Master, O Lord! but lead me thyself; remain always near me.

Accept my Memory

My memory, that mysterious book, which is a reflection of the book of eternity, in which at every moment my thoughts, affections, and desires are engraved.

I place it in thy hands, O my God! in order that thou alone mayest efface or write therein.

Leave in it, O Lord! the remembrance of the gravity of my faults, but efface for ever the wicked pleasures of my sins.

If I were to have a glimpse at their guilty sweetness, perchance I would still desire them.

Leave there the sweet memories of my childhood, when I loved thee so simply, O my God! when my father, my mother, and my family were the only objects of my affection; when a trifling untruth, or even the fear of having committed a fault, tormented me till I confided it to my mother.

When I saw my good angel everywhere, aiding me in little tasks, or consoling me in my petty annoyances.

Leave me the remembrance of the first absolution I received, when, with a soul overflowing with joy, I cried out: “I am pardoned, my sins are forgiven!”

And the remembrance of my first communion – oh! restore it to me, my God, with its preparation so awesome but so loving, with its joy so calm, so holy, and sweet that the thought of it still moves me to tears.

Leave me the remembrance of my benefits!

Each year of my life shines before me as if surrounded by an areole of graces: my tenth year, my fifteenth, my eighteenth, my twentieth… How I am reminded of thy goodness, O my God!

Yes, accept my memory, and efface from it everything that could estrange me from thee. May nothing, nothing outside thee and my family be engraven again on it!

Accept, O Lord, my Mind.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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